Does the Race Beschdel relegate the “Black Women”

The “Bechdel Test” is in essence  a media critique looking at how often in media (films) we see dialogue where women speak to women about things other than men.
So, why is the “Race” Bechdel not about reviewing Women of Color talking to Women of Color in a media piece about a subject other than men of color, white men or even white women?
Why do we relegate Women of Color into a mixed gender pool of color thereby having our feminism negated when POC enter a media critique?
I want my OWN TEST for media studies!
We WOC deserve our own slice of this Feminist litmus test?
1. Minimum 2 WOC
2. These WOC speak to each other
3. The chat is not about Men of Color or White Men 
(maybe even White Woman??)
*(Essentially a narrative/talk about and for ourselves)

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